Why Video is Vital for E-Commerce | Akkordien
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Why Video is Vital for E-Commerce

With an ever growing community of online shoppers, more and more of us are bypassing that human interaction when making a purchase decision. Online shopping is enormous and soon you could pretty much buy anything you want with the click of a button.

When making a decision to buy online we still heavily rely on word of mouth, online reviews and forums from real people. As sales messages and outbound advertising becomes more and more redundant we are always looking for that once piece of the puzzle that will make you say. . . yep, I’ll buy that.

Websites and online stores are the only window into a business you are purchasing from and rarely do each communicate the core values and personality of their business. One way to really open up your business to the world and let them see who you are is to create a video. Videos that really show the essence of your business and the people, stories, and talent that are behind your brand.

Humans prefer to buy from other humans. If we are reminded that real people are behind that logo, website, or online store, then we are more likely to trust that business and buy their products. A video that is authentic, entertaining, thought provoking, emotional or informative can really give a business that edge.

All of a sudden. . . we can all buy from humans again.