Why do we exist as a business? | Akkordien
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Why do we exist as a business?

What makes Akkordien different to any other digital production company?

About eight years ago, Damian and I were road-tripping throughout the USA, and over the three months formulated our plan to create Akkordien (more or less). We wanted to emulate elements of what we had seen and experienced, and realised that entertaining brand content basically did not exist in Australia at the time. TV ads were shit. Brand storytelling didn’t really exist. There was something happening in the USA at the time that made you want to watch what brands were doing. Primarily this was through social media, but also making it’s way to TV and Cinema advertising.

The world was rapidly going through changes in media and entertainment due to the likes of Facebook, TV-on-demand, and the launch of the iPhone a couple of years earlier. People had had enough of annoying TV commercials and being ‘sold’ to on a daily basis. People wanted to be entertained and were willing to follow and support a brand that communicated with it’s fanbase, sharing real world ideals and dreams rather than just the qualities of it’s products. People began to share these ‘brand stories’ around to show others that they related to these ideals, to impress and to share an emotion.

We officially launched Akkordien three years later in 2012 as a passion project whilst working full-time. It wasn’t until late 2015 we both made the decision to ditch our day jobs and put all of our energy and passion into Akkordien. Over this time, the industry had changed and video on social media was fast becoming the most popular form of content marketing. But there was still a lot of content which had a primary goal of selling rather than entertaining and inspiring. People were still pushing the ‘where?’ and ‘how?’, rather than the ‘why?’

It’s still about the ‘why?’

We’ve all been inspired by a video at some time or another, and we knew that video storytelling was the key focus of what inspired us. We didn’t limit our method just to this format, but we saw the void that existed in Australia back in 2009. Our primary goal was to create content that spoke to people, and inspired them, and we knew the best way was through social media. This was not necessarily about ‘what’ we did (storytelling for new media) or ‘how’ we did it (video) – It has always been about ‘why’ we did it… to create inspiring and entertaining media and digital content that people wanted to watch and share. That’s something we feel proud of and would love to do on a daily basis.

Our aim has always been to make this achievable for all businesses and brands (and budgets). Sometimes it’s not easy convincing a client to be brave, and remove themselves from the ‘selling’ mindset, and to allow full creativity in a brief. Quite often this translates to something that isn’t always inspiring. Sometimes, we all need to step back and ask ourselves ‘why’ we do what we do, and let those stories speak to your audience. It’s only then, that you can truely communicate on an honest and human level, and inspire others to share your story.

This post was inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: Start with Why