Humanise your brand – Part 2 (#MyFamilyCan) | Akkordien
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Humanise your brand – Part 2 (#MyFamilyCan)

Following on from my previous post ‘Humanise your Brand’ it is great to see a new campaign on various social channels by SPC Ardmona branded #MyFamilyCan. The leading feature of the campaign is a two minute video, telling the story of Kialla East (Victoria) peach farmer Gary Godwill. Drawing on the history and tradition of farming throughout his family, the dialogue, spoken emotionally by Gary, begins with the lines ‘I can’t imagine the loss of the family farm in Australia’.

From this point on, the viewer is drawn into their story with supporting images of rustic farm machinery, lush green peach trees, a blue heeler and a hard working 86 year old grandmother hand-picking the fruit from the tree.

This is the story people (consumers) want to see and feel, and are willing to pay a little more for in the product purchase, because they feel empathy and the importance of what the farmer is going through. These are the people behind the label. . . in fact, as part of the campaign, they are also featured ‘on’ the label, to really enforce the ‘human’ in the brand.

This is great storytelling. It is building customer loyalty and allowing people to become part of the story by sharing and commenting on the video throughout Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s building a brand community, it is a great example of how to humanise your brand.